Emily's Heals and Hits Fanfiction

I don't know what the title is, but its in Emily's POV and it takes place at level 40! I may add a few fake characters, but it is based off of the Heals and Hits duo.

Sometimes, Chase and I liked to just sit on our mounts, him on his Unicorn and me on my purple dragon, and just laugh about how good life would treat us, beginning with collection quests in Firecat Alley, Fiona DragonWhisper from Marleybone that added us just to give us treasure cards everyday, to Emma MistCaller, a Legendary Diviner who gave us Celestian pets and enough Mega Snack Packs to get them to Epic (my Spinyfish getting Storm-Shot, Pip O'Plenty, Storm-Giver, and Spritely, and his Sea Turtle getting Spell-Proof, Spritely, Pip O'Plenty, and Life-Giver).

However, we never talked about the bad things, leaving a sense of surprise when bad things happened. When they did with bosses, we just continued our normal strategy, I'd blade and trap the boss and Tempest and he would heal with his Guiding Lights and Unicorn combos, and we'd just forget about it.

But, when one of the worst bad things happened, we couldn't forget.

Chapter One (in progress)
"So Chase, what do you think happened to Emma?" I asked Chase while we fought Oyotomi.

Chase shrugged, swinging Tomugawa's Onyx Blade around as he casted his amulet Guiding Light. "I guess she never went on the Field Study. I don't read the news often, but that's my theory."

"I'm guessing that she went to Celestia and just got lost," I replied. Oyotomi shot a Skeletal Pirate, but Chase had but up a Legend Shield before. "She was in Celestia when we met her."

"But Emily, think about it, she was in Celestia two months ago. What makes you think she's still in the same world?"

My Triton overkilled Oyotomi, and then we mounted our animals and went to the ghost sheep. Chase leveled up to 42, but didn't want to go get Sanctuary because it was basically "worthless," in his words. I was ready to get Stormzilla already, even though Triton has a bigger punch, so when I leveled to 42 (talking to dude in Yoshihito Temple),  I flew to Professor Balestrom. 

After I got my card, and was about to port to Chase, I heard a rumbling sound. It was like a Storm, but an unusual one. After I burst out the door to the Storm school, and equipped my "Master of Storm" badge, I saw Ambrose and someone on a Storm cloud. I ducked around the Storm school, went through the pond, and stationed myself behind Torrence.

"Tempestatia, you will not flood Ravenwood!" Ambrose yelled.

Tempestatia didn't move, which didn't help, considering I couldn't see her. She didn't speak either, but there was a Storm symbol in the air, and then Ambrose was washed up on some rocks. I thought it was Tempest, but Ambrose was now in a cage, a bout 3 times bigger than bone cages. Then Tempestatia and Ambrose's cage disappeared, but left on the ground, was his hat and his staff. 

"Emily, where the heck are you?" Chase whispered to me. I had totally forgotten we were questing.

"Ut aperire ianuas magicas Chase," I chanted, disappearing in a flurry of Storm symbols.

"THERE you are," Chase gasped.
And there, the unfinished fan-fic ends.