Friday, December 31, 2010

Marleybone Access and More

Hey guys! Time for another normal post.

Chase and I have made progress into Marleybone, and we've already been caught quite a few times, due to lag. Yesterday, we did a grand amount of questing. Not only did we make level 25 from Shalek's sidequest line, but we got new spells. I got Windstorm, Feint, and Tempest, and Chase got Weakness, I think Spirit Blade, and Satyr.

Anyway, we did every main and side from the Vault of Ice to Ms. Conrail's quest "The Right Tools." While we did our level 28 quests (Thanks to Willie Marks), the Throne Room of Fire evened us up. I'm so overjoyed that we gained three levels in one day, and surprised that soon I will be able to use my new robe that I bought from the bazaar.

We also got the beginning quest of Vigrid Roughland. I looked things up on Central and saw where the two smiths for this place were, so I had a head start.

And if you're wondering why Chase hasn't been so active, his browser is messed up, and he's on a really laggy computer. Chase DOES have some nifty Epic Bundle gear waiting, and he constantly mentions how happy he is. I just wanna use that level 30 robe that gives 144 health, 4% accuracy, and 8% damage.

Yesterday was a very substantial day for us, and we're now almost halfway done with the game. I have gear waiting for me at level 58, 56, and lots of other levels, but not 45 yet.

I forgot to mention Emily's housing project. She will buy her Storm house with gold and fill it with Celestian housing items, along with a little room for me. She'll also buy a house later for her normal stuff. At the time of me writing this sentence, she is at 76,663/100,000 gold and completing the WC History Book quest. Also, she is at 8689/10575XP.

We're gonna do some questing tomorrow, and my personal goal is to get through Vigrid Roughland and Mirkholm Keep, and mains + sides through the Ironworks.

So, expect more posts from me about our status, Chase can get some posts in soon, and we'll post about our adventures more soon!

~Happy Healing and Hitting

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sprite Minion Quest

This is the Spell quest for Sprite Guardian. Posting this for Chase sincce he can't.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hey guys! Here is my update on Queen Mandy, Emily's Spinyfish. I hope for Storm-Giver. Now THAT, would be an EPIC pet.

~Happy Hitting!

Monday, December 20, 2010

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Welcome to NightStalker and WildGrove! This is Emily NightStalker, and this blog is about me (Samantha Drake) and Chase WildGrove (Cody DeathFlame) questing through the Spiral. I'll post in Purple, he'll post in Green.

Current Standings of the Moment:
Emily NightStalker: Adept (Level 28), Hyde Park
Chase WildGrove: Adept (Level 28), Hyde Park